September 23, 2019 The Foundry

The Foundry helps Salts Healthcare reach record sales

When Salts designed their most innovative stoma bag, they needed an inspirational marketing campaign to match…

Salts Healthcare is an international manufacturer of ostomy products. Following patient research, their design team created a stoma bag unlike any other. But, with a changing marketplace, they needed an engaging campaign that was truly representative of today’s audiences.

Complete with a range of innovative features, such as a unique filter system and quick-drying cover, Confidence BE® is the first stoma bag available in three different colours: black, white and stone.

To accommodate both the older, and the growing number of younger people living with a stoma, our campaign needed to balance traditional media, such as conferences, press ads and email campaigns with You Tube videos, web content and social media.

A series of personas were developed to represent each audience type and real patients who were willing to tell their stories throughout the campaign were identified. From the initial name generation to a fantastic launch at the UK’s biggest conference for stoma care nurses, we’re proud to say Confidence BE® has become Salts’ fastest and best-selling product!

Here are the amazing results following the launch campaign:

  • First month’s sales beat previous records by three times
  • 50% faster growth than Salts’ previous best-selling brand
  • Website hits increased overnight from 700 to 5000 per day
  • Market sharerose 1.3% in closed and drainable flat markets – this type of growth is unprecedented for Salts Healthcare

The performance of the launch campaign and measuring of campaign engagement has helped us focus on the best channels for the launch of the line extension, Confidence BE® Soft Convex. That launched earlier this year and is following a similar pattern, with sign-ups more than double the target.

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