August 2, 2019 The Foundry

And they’re off! Let the race to Re:Cycle begin

We like to get involved in projects that get people moving. We’re also keen to do our bit for the planet. So, we decided to combine our love of design with a worthy cause: giving an old bike that was destined for the skip, a new lease of life.

Inspired by other community bike projects across Greater Manchester, like Pop Up Bikes and The Bike Hive, we thought we could have a bit of fun in a team-building exercise that has a greater purpose at its heart.

Our first meeting revealed a clear split on how the bike should look. Most of the girls dreamed of pastel colours and a basket. While the boys were dead set on a simple, matt black design. The decision was made to spread the love and give two bikes some TLC by creating two teams: girls versus boys.

We allocated £100 per team to bring a clapped-out rust bucket back to its former glory. The boys bought their bike from Gumtree; the girls opted for eBay. Now, they just need to beg, borrow and steal to get the parts they need, within budget.

Introducing the girls’ bike. A vintage Valiant Triumph, lovingly named ‘Val’, who’s definitely seen better days. She’ll need a lot of work to tidy up all her rusty parts, but there are big plans afoot to make her the talk of the town.

And then there’s ‘Henry’ – the boys’ choice for the restoration project. They hunted high and low on Gumtree for this Henry Burton bike and came up trumps. They’re keeping their cards close to their chests but we have a feeling this bike will be the perfect fixie bike.

Aside from the basic repairs necessary to get the bikes roadworthy (the boys’ chariot currently has no saddle!), teams can add any type of design touches they want. The more creative, the better. We’ll be tracking their progress over the next few weeks and will be putting the competition out to public vote at the end of August.

Follow the team’s progress on Twitter and Instagram and, when both bikes have been transformed, we’ll run a poll so you can vote for your favourite. Let the race to re:cycle begin!


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