March 8, 2019 The Foundry

Our Foundry slimmers have finished the shake off!

Let’s see how they got on…

You may remember that a month ago, we posted about two of our team members going head-to-head, or shake-to-shake, on meal replacement plans. For the whole of February, (well, almost), Art Director, Kate, replaced breakfast and lunch with Slender Blend® shakes from Protein World; our copywriter, Vicks, followed suit with SlimFast® Vitality shakes. So, how did they do?

The Story

Week 1: Encouraging weight loss

Both slimmers got off to a great start with some impressive results in week 1, which was really encouraging. Neither participant complained about being too hungry (yet!) and they got into the swing of drinking liquid food quite quickly. Experts say a lot of the weight lost in the first week is likely to be water, rather than fat. Still, it’s always nice to see the numbers come down.

Week 2: Slow and steady wins the race

As with any diet, the most significant weight loss is always in week 1, when your body is getting used to taking in fewer calories. But our slimmers also upped their exercise this week and it was encouraging to see that they both continued to lose weight (although not as much) and were now neck-and-neck in the overall challenge. Going into week 3, they decided to see if drinking more water would help them stay on track.

Week 3: What a pair of (non) losers!

Oh dear. No weight loss was recorded at all this week, but we can only put this down to a few dodgy lifestyle choices getting in the way. The bane of any diet is that, while you’re dutifully counting calories and sticking to the plan, everybody around you is doing all they can to steer you off it. This week saw curry nights, bottomless brunches, pasta lunches and plenty of opportunities to sneak in some empty calories. Oops!

Week 4: Holidays get in the way of weight loss

While we can’t really encourage competitive slimming, there can only be one winner – and this has to be Kate. She didn’t go off plan as much as Vicks (who squeezed in a holiday) and managed to keep up her regular gym sessions, despite having massively reduced energy. The results were still surprisingly similar, with both slimmers losing a respectable amount of weight overall.

The verdict

Would our slimmers recommend a shake diet? Yes, if you want to slim down over a short period of time. Both quickly got used to replacing meals with shakes and found the flavours to be varied enough to keep them on plan. Kate added that she would struggle to do a shake diet regularly because she lacked energy during her workouts, but she is continuing to drink Slender Blend protein shakes for a boost on gym days. At the end of the day, if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you just need to eat a calorie-controlled diet and move more. It’s no great shakes.


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