May 1, 2019 The Foundry

Stepping up to the challenge for St. Ann’s Hospice

May 1st marks the beginning of National Walking Month and the Foundry’s ultimate challenge – walking 20,000 steps each (that’s 300,000 in total) within 24 hours, to raise money for St. Ann’s Hospice. 

We’re walking in support of our friend and colleague, Stu, whose partner, Jo, was diagnosed with a rare cancer last year. She’s currently receiving exceptional care at the hospice, and we want to help them both thank the charity for their amazing work.

Every year, St. Ann’s Hospice make a difference for thousands of people with life-limiting illnesses – and their loved ones and carers, too. They rely on donations from people like us and the goodwill of around 700 volunteers.

To reach our goal, we’ll need to have completed an average of 3,000 steps each, before 9am – yikes! Which is forcing some people to get creative. Sarah and Sophie are planning to walk the nine miles from Manchester to work; Kate’s planning a double dog walk; and Mital will be squeezing in an extra session at the gym.

Rules will be enforced to keep everyone on track, with stand-up company meetings, and a ban on using tea trays, internal phones and lifts. Plus, we’ll have plenty of incentives to get us moving, too, including forfeits for people who don’t pull their weight.

Slackers will face various challenges to get them moving, including making the whole agency a brew; running up and down the stairs ten times; doing ten laps around the pod every time they eat a treat; and jogging on the spot for one minute.

We’ll be scheduling group walks to give everyone a leg-up during the day and updating the leader board at regular intervals to see if anyone can go above and beyond the call of duty. Follow our progress on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

We’d love to raise as much money as we can for this amazing cause. If you’d like to support us, please donate whatever you can through our fundraising page. Every donation can make a massive difference.

Thanks for your support!

From all at The Foundry


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