November 21, 2019 The Foundry

The Foundry gets more people outside for Ordnance Survey

20 million people in the UK want to get out more, but don’t. Ordnance Survey plan to reverse that with #GetOutsideDay. Their national awareness day took place this year on Sunday, 29th September. OS had done a brilliant job promoting the campaign in the weeks before, but we wanted to make sure the momentum kept going after the event.

Despite the awful weather, we knew lots of people had taken part and posted their photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. So, we suggested selecting some of the best ones and requesting permission to use them. The idea being to create a video that would hopefully inspire more people to get outside.

There was a great selection of shots to choose from – strollers, swimmers, families, furry friends – people of all walks of life, ages and abilities coming together on one day to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Best of all, they weren’t glossy promotional shots featuring models who’ve probably never got their wellies wet. They were real people having real adventures.

We contacted each user, on behalf of Ordnance Survey, to make sure they were happy for their picture to be part of the campaign video and started piecing them together to retell the day’s events in a memorable way.

The video was written, crafted and edited in-house. It’s now sitting proudly on the Ordnance Survey website as part of their recruitment drive to attract more OS GetOutside Champions. These are volunteers who want to use their “stories, experiences, top tips and activity guides to inspire, encourage and motivate others to get outside”.

We’re all firm believers in the positive benefits of getting outside for mind, body and soul. So, it’s been an absolute honour to play a small part in, hopefully, getting more people to embrace the outdoors and spend more quality moments with family and friends. Thanks to all those who shared their photos. Watch the video:


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