Community engagement is the key to behaviour change

Back in 2019, Sheffield City Council appointed us to deliver a five-year campaign aimed at reducing sugar consumption, a major cause of tooth decay and obesity in the most deprived parts of the city. From the outset, we knew that community engagement was going to be key.

Our ‘Sheffield is Sweet Enough’ campaign was launched in Woodthorpe Primary school, with educational materials aimed at engaging local children and was supported by leaflets, a dedicated website and a social media campaign.

SISE 2 campaign ad

SiSE adver­tis­ing campaign

SISE 3 posters

SiSE poster campaign

SISE 4 detectives

SiSE detec­tives

SISE 5 social post a

SiSE social media

This year, we’re con­tin­u­ing to strength­en our links with the com­mu­ni­ty by get­ting local peo­ple involved in the cam­paign, from office work­ers to health vis­i­tors. To encour­age peo­ple to share our low-sug­ar mes­sage, we asked par­ents, stu­dents, busi­ness­es and nutri­tion­ists to con­tribute low-sug­ar recipes and cre­at­ed a ded­i­cat­ed book writ­ten by the peo­ple of Sheffield.

SISE 6 food book

SiSE food book

SISE 7 food book spread a

A spread from the SiSE food book

SISE 8 food book spread b

A spread from the SiSE food book

SISE 9 food book spread c

A spread from the SiSE food book

The Sheffield Fam­i­ly Guide to Smart Sug­ar Swaps is full of prac­ti­cal advice and tips to help fam­i­lies cook healthy, nutri­tious meals with­out using so much sug­ar. We enlist­ed the help of a local print­er to pub­lish the first 1,500 copies. As well as being a cost-effec­tive mar­ket­ing tool with con­tent sup­plied by local peo­ple, the book is being crowd fund­ed. For each copy bought, anoth­er is being gift­ed to a local fam­i­ly, com­mu­ni­ty cen­tre, school or library. From the first print run, 750 copies will be giv­en away for free while the oth­er 750 will go on sale to fund fur­ther print runs. This means even fam­i­lies on low incomes can access it.

By get­ting the whole com­mu­ni­ty involved, there are more oppor­tu­ni­ties to share our low-sug­ar mes­sage and encour­age pop­u­la­tion-wide behav­iour change. The book is now avail­able to pur­chase from Water­stones in Sheffield (and online) and select­ed inde­pen­dent book­stores around the city.

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