About Us

We’re a purpose-driven strategy and creative agency based in Media City and we’re proud to have been in business for over 25 years.

We’ve worked with lots of different companies and organisations, in fact there’s not many sectors we haven’t experienced - and there’s also a few we’ve politely declined to work with. Health and Wellbeing is a bit of a speciality, but we love using that same rigour and strategic approach to help brands from all sectors to Rise + Shine too.

If your business is ultimately about improving people’s lives either through advanced healthcare, supporting mental and physical wellbeing, promoting active lifestyles or simply helping people to get more out of life in a positive way then you’ll be in good company working with us.

We love to work with ambitious and progressive clients who aren’t afraid to go against the grain and stand out for all the right reasons.

We use our restless creativity to crack open challenges and we’re powered by our people.

Our Culture

Behind our ability to help brands Rise + Shine is a purpose that’s about inspiring people to live life better. We like to think of it as our superpower.

It drives us to want to solve problems responsibly and effectively, be nice to work with (and for) and be brave in our approach and ideas.

We champion creativity and collaboration, not egos - we take our work more seriously than we do each other.

We’re optimists with a passion for active lifestyles and because great ideas like to hide out in the mountains, forests, trails or the gym, (and rarely at your desk) we like to go and find them there.

Our People

Mark Bottomley

Creative/Managing Director

Mark leads both the creative and strategic direction of the agency. Whether he’s solving problems or shredding the slopes he likes to think off-piste.

Ian McKay

Digital Director and Founder

Ian is one of our original founders. He’s been part of plenty of pioneering adventures during his digital career including reaching Everest basecamp.

Andrew Denton

Non-Executive Director

Andrew brings a wealth of “outside” influence and experience to the agency. His spirit of adventure and endurance pushes all of us to new limits.

Elaine Lowe

Finance Manager

Elaine balances the budgets and keeps our timesheets in check. She’s as comfortable counting the acorns as she is at photographing squirrels.

James Kay

Client Services Director

James likes to keep our clients in the picture. In the small pockets of time he’s not looking after the kids, he can be found in the garden or out on the motorbike.

Clare Briscall

Planning Director

Clare enjoys using market research in non-conventional ways to find those golden nuggets that create innovative strategies. When she's not busy digging, she's planning her next big walk.

Alesia Harrison

Account Manager

Alesia uses her strategic planning skills to help brands solve complex problems. Away from her desk, Alesia likes cycling and hiking in the Lake District with her husband.

Stuart Simpson

Assistant Creative Director

Stuart is an exceptional designer with a love of typography and an eye for detail. He’s always on the run and never far from his next marathon.

Mital Daya

Senior Art Director

Mital is our creative wizard with the brains, courage and heart to challenge conventions. He owns a vast collection of pop-up books which help him conjure up the magic at the Foundry.

Kate Booth

Art Director

Kate is an accomplished art director and our social media queen. With two little terrors to tire out on walks she needs to keep her gin cabinet fully stocked.

Tracey Elliott

Production Manager

Tracey is our typesetting expert who makes sure every job is finished to perfection. She’s also a talented artist who loves to paint in her spare time.

Vicky Green


Vicky is an experienced conceptual copywriter with a background in retail and healthcare. She likes taking part in charity runs then putting her feet up at the spa.

Kevin Lees

Digital Czar

Kev L is an experienced web developer and technical trouble-shooter. He likes going for walks with his little boy, running and cycling to work.

Kevin O'Driscoll


Kev O is a proficient back-end developer with many years of industry experience. Outside work, he enjoys spending quality time with his grandchildren.