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We did it! Race the Sun. Done.

On 27th April we took part as a team in the Race the Sun event for Action Medical Research. Here’s how it went…

30 May 2024 / By Ian McKay

Some “Outside” influence

We’re really excited to bring the news that Andrew Denton is joining The Foundry as our non-Exec director.

11 Mar 2024 / By Mark Bottomley

There is a footballing life after 40!

Our Finance Director, Elaine, proves you’re never too old for a kickabout as she explains how walking football got her back in the game.

2 Aug 2023 / By Elaine Lowe

It’s our birthday and the gifts are on us!

We’re nearly halfway through 2023, and already it’s been a busy year. Today is officially our birthday, and not just any birthday, our 25-year celebration!

24 May 2023 / By The Foundry

We've had a spring clean

We’ve been busy bees in the background and given ourselves a fresh new look and feel.

20 Apr 2023 / By Mark Bottomley

The outdoors are becoming more inclusive. Are you?

The Outdoor Industry is facing a “moment”. The winners will be the brands and organisations that can embrace women in leadership and the outdoors, sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

5 Apr 2023 / By Ian McKay

An evening of Food Sorcery

Christmas already seems a lifetime away. But we thought we’d kick off the New Year with our last favourite memory of 2022…

30 Jan 2023 / By Kate Booth

Hoe, hoe, hoe! Merry Christmas!

We’re digging deep for our clients and suppliers this Christmas by planting 203 trees in Manchester in support of Sow The City...

8 Dec 2022 / By Kate Booth

The Foundry does...

The Wainwrights! We joined our digital director for one leg of his walking challenge to complete the Lakeland fells in 2022…

3 Nov 2022 / By Kate Booth

The Foundry does…

Gin-crafting, pet portraits, snowboarding…as a team we do a whole lot more than advertising and we’re ready to share our passions!

6 Oct 2022 / By Kate Booth

The Foundry on student life

Remember your student days? For a bit of fun, we’ve taken a trip down memory lane and shared our best bits, dodgy hair and all!

13 Sept 2022 / By Kate Booth

Our in-house photographer also keeps our finances in check

Our Finance Manager, Elaine, will be the person our clients are used to picking up the phone to for any finance queries or receiving an email from each month with their invoices. But what you might not know about Elaine, is for the last 6 years, she’s been a member of a photography club.

16 Aug 2022 / By Kate Booth

Walking the Wainwrights: 104 to go

After taking on Everest Base Camp in 2018 and winning, our Founder and Digital Director, Ian, has set himself a new challenge. He’s currently in the process of completing all 214 Wainwrights and wants to have them all ticked off within 12 months – 4 fells a week!

2 Aug 2022 / By Kate Booth

The outrageous podcast you need to hear

Our very own Mark Bottomley talks parenting, pitching and professional wins in the latest podcast from The Outrageous Impact Show...

7 Oct 2020 / By Mark Bottomley

It’s a green kind of day

Lockdown has forced us to change the way we live. How can we keep up the momentum to create a greener, cleaner planet?

15 Sept 2020 / By Kate Booth

We’ve arrived!

After a few months in our temporary home, the new office is finally finished and we’ve taken up residence at Arrive, White Building, Media City.

1 Sept 2020 / By Ian McKay

Lack of exercise, fresh air and vitamin D

As the weeks of lockdown tick by we’ve been reading a lot about problem skin – breakouts, irritated, dry and oily etc – so it seemed like a good time to do some investigating into the effects ‘lockdown’ might be having on our skin, and what we can do to help.

19 May 2020 / By The Foundry

How to educate patients more effectively

Patient education is a crucial part of the marketing mix. It can strengthen the relationship between the product and the patient AND the patient and the prescriber.

27 Apr 2020 / By Ian McKay

Sharing the love for our brilliant NHS

From lighting up landmarks to clapping from our doorsteps, we want to say a huge thank you to our amazing NHS workers and health heroes..

15 Apr 2020 / By Kate Booth

We’ve moved to Media City!

Goodbye Goose Green. Hello MediaCityUK. We’ve packed up our desks, recycled about 20 tonnes of paper and given loads of old stuff new homes.

19 Feb 2020 / By Ian McKay

The Foundry scoops two PMEA awards

Our Confidence BE® campaign, for Salts Healthcare, has just received two ‘Highly Commended’ awards from the PMEA.

3 Dec 2019 / By Ian McKay

Wise Words: How to talk to patients

A recent survey supports the belief that healthcare brands need to talk to patients differently or, at the very least, choose their words wisely.

8 Mar 2019 / By Ian McKay