Socially distant? Here’s how we’re helping clients reach customers.

With nearly 50% of the world’s population using social media, it’s a crucial part of every campaign for both educating, and advertising to, your audience.

Lately, we’ve found ourselves being asked more and more to help clients with their social content. This can vary across all the platforms, but the most popular seems to be Instagram. We have to admit, it’s something we love to do - getting a buzz from creative ‘now’ content and keeping feeds fresh and up to date.

We can help at any stage of the process. Whether you need help setting up strategy, creating a social media calendar, copywriting and designing content, or taking full control of your feed, being responsible for all posts and customer engagement.

Here are a few of the campaigns we’ve helped our clients with recently, including promoting a blue light acne treatment, selling a leading natural skin care brand, and helping a city council to spread the word about too much sugar.

Ambi­care Lus­tre Solo

Around 90% of peo­ple suf­fer from acne at some point in their life­time, and not just in their teenage years. Lus­tre Solo is Ambicare’s clin­i­cal­ly proven at-home acne treat­ment device designed by lead­ing der­ma­tol­o­gists using blue-light tech­nol­o­gy. We were asked to help pro­mote this rev­o­lu­tion­ary prod­uct on their Insta­gram feed. Although Ambi­care were already post­ing on Insta­gram, they want­ed a more tar­get­ed approach and a con­tent plan to help them reach more of their main tar­get mar­ket, includ­ing Mums with teenagers. We cre­at­ed a series of posts using a mix of new­ly designed con­tent and infor­ma­tion with exist­ing pho­tog­ra­phy to show the ben­e­fits of Lus­tre Solo and bring the brand to life.

Yes To Tomatoes

Nat­ur­al skin­care beau­ty brand, Yes To, want­ed to break the UK mar­ket and dri­ve sales of their toma­to-based range of scrubs, wipes, and cleansers in Sainsbury’s. Insta­gram seemed like the per­fect match for their tough audi­ence of 17 to 30-year-olds. We came up with a dynam­ic, two-phased cam­paign and had lots of fun pelt­ing vir­tu­al toma­toes at all the major caus­es of prob­lem skin, from stress and hor­mones to pol­lu­tion. The brand already had a look and feel and, as Insta­gram reg­u­lars, this client felt con­fi­dent man­ag­ing their own social posts. After plan­ning the cam­paign, com­ing up with the con­cepts and all copy­writ­ing and imagery, we left them to it!

Sheffield’s Sweet Enough

We’re in the mid­dle of a five-year behav­iour change cam­paign for Sheffield City Coun­cil aimed at reduc­ing the lev­el of obe­si­ty and tooth decay in the city. The cam­paign is all about shar­ing how much is too much sug­ar and what bet­ter way to get par­ents onboard than through social media? As this client had nev­er appeared on social media before, we had to set every­thing up from scratch – writ­ing the han­dle descrip­tions and set­ting the tone for Sheffield is Sweet Enough’ on both plat­forms. One of our con­tent man­agers now devis­es the con­tent on a week­ly basis, help­ing the coun­cil share fas­ci­nat­ing facts, low sug­ar tips, tricks and recipes across Face­book and Insta­gram. This includes sourc­ing roy­al­ty free imagery, writ­ing all posts and engag­ing with fol­low­ers on a dai­ly basis. 

We love the whole process, from brain­storm­ing, strat­e­gy devel­op­ment and plan­ning to copy­writ­ing, cre­ative devel­op­ment and day-to-day man­age­ment. Social media isn’t rock­et sci­ence, but it does need some TLC, good cre­ative and dai­ly input to keep the engage­ment strong between cus­tomer and brand. Whether we do it all for you and remain in charge of your feed or just help you to write and design the best con­tent and you take care of the rest. The lev­el of ser­vice is up to you.

We’ll leave you with a lit­tle top tip: If you’re look­ing for the best time to post con­tent save your dyna­mite stuff for either Wednes­day at 11am or Fri­day between 10 – 11am, as these are the peak times for peo­ple using Insta­gram. And what­ev­er you do, try to avoid the impor­tant details being post­ing on a Sun­day. This seems to be the day of relax­ing and sees the least amount of engage­ment. If you’d like some help, or even for us to do a full takeover of your social chan­nels, we’re here and ready to get post­ing. If you’re inter­est­ed in what else we have to say about the social world, have a read of our Tik­Tok for Health­care brands blog post.

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About The Foundry 

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Mar­ket­ing ser­vices that sup­port patient edu­ca­tion include qual­i­ta­tive and quan­ti­ta­tive research, social media cam­paigns, edu­ca­tion­al web­sites, CPD pro­grammes, online learn­ing tools, in-clin­ic train­ing mate­ri­als, posters and patient literature. 

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