TikTok: The platform healthcare brands can’t afford to ignore

2020 has been the year of brands pulling in the reins and watching what they spend. But an entertainment platform was about to become a household name and bring a smile to people’s faces during this tough time. TikTok has been around since 2017 but has very quickly risen to the top by becoming the must-have app during lockdown. TikTok aimed themselves at Generation Z, but people staying at home and wanting to ease boredom has helped to drive TikTok downloads and create a shift in audience. We’ve even seen our excellent healthcare professionals taking to TikTok to help them get through the tough days they’ve been facing during the pandemic.

With a 205.3% growth in 2019 and 800 million active users, TikTok has even appeared on our screens during primetime TV with a small ad campaign, showing the story behind the app and even getting celebrities on board. 2020 really has been the year for TikTok.

Just to put it into con­text, Tik­Tok has become the 9th most pop­u­lar social media site. That puts it ahead of LinkedIn, Twit­ter and Snapchat. And for this rea­son, it’s becom­ing the go-to for social media cam­paigns. So, how could it be used in the health­care indus­try? Here’s some health and well­be­ing cam­paigns that have caught our eye and, we think, have mas­tered the Tik­Tok platform.


Mucinex cold & flu med­i­cine based in the USA, worked with Tik­Tok to cre­ate a Hal­loween themed cam­paign. Using the hash­tag #TooSick­ToBeSick, they asked cus­tomers to trans­form them­selves from being sick to too sick’ by tak­ing their cough med­i­cine, to get them ready to cel­e­brate Hal­loween. By select­ing one of the trans­for­ma­tion styles you could go from snot­ty nose and sur­round­ed by tis­sues, to a dev­il ready to party.



e.l.f cos­met­ic brand used #Eye­slips­Face (an acronym of the brands name) along­side a com­mis­sioned song of the same name to encour­age users to take part in their dance chal­lenge. The chal­lenge was fun and appealed to every­one as it didn’t require any use of cos­met­ic products.



Fit­ness cloth­ing brand, Gymshark, launched a change your life chal­lenge where users were asked to choose their own per­son­al fit­ness goal and share before and after pic­tures using the cam­paign hash­tag #gymshark66. Gymshark select­ed a win­ner and they received a year’s sup­ply of Gymshark good­ies! Not bad for tak­ing part in a 66-day challenge.



Even the French Red Cross is using the plat­form to help teach young peo­ple first aid. The char­i­ty select­ed four pop­u­lar Tik­Tok­ers for their #PLSchal­lenge and tasked them with cre­at­ing dance moves inspired by first aid, from the recov­ery posi­tion to CPR. The cam­paign reached sev­en mil­lion young fol­low­ers, help­ing the French gov­ern­ment get clos­er to their tar­get of train­ing 80% of the pop­u­la­tion by 2030.


As Tik­Tok con­tin­ues to gain ground, health­care brands are recog­nis­ing the oppor­tu­ni­ty it pro­vides, not only to con­nect with a younger audi­ence, but to help HCPs become unbrand­ed influ­encers and to use it as a plat­form for health­care edu­ca­tion. Tik­Tok can be fun­ny, cringy or even just pure genius. But there’s no doubt it rep­re­sents a huge oppor­tu­ni­ty for the health­care indus­try. If you would like to expand your cam­paign onto any social plat­form, we’d love to hear all about it and help you out.

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