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Increasing traffic for a growing natural skincare brand

Increas­ing traf­fic for a grow­ing nat­ur­al skin­care brand

Made from 95% fruit and vegetables, vegan and cruelty-free, Yes To is the fastest growing natural skincare brand in the US. Sold in over 27,000 stores worldwide and with exciting plans for the UK, they needed their shop window to reflect their ethos and ambitions. We helped them tickle their underperforming website into shape, with a refreshed look and more engaging content.


Every jour­ney to improve site struc­ture and per­for­mance begins with Google Ana­lyt­ics. Our ini­tial audit of Yes To’s cur­rent web­site involved look­ing at key met­rics such as num­ber of vis­i­tors, bounce-rate, aver­age page views and time spent on site to deter­mine what need to be improved and set KPIs to achieve it. 

Yes To’s ini­tial report pulled up some inter­est­ing data. Whilst the brand was get­ting a good num­ber of new users, the num­ber of return­ing vis­i­tors was too low. This can be an indi­ca­tor that the con­tent isn’t engag­ing or sticky enough. 

The bounce’ rate – the num­ber of peo­ple who vis­it the site, but don’t stick around – was too high, and the num­ber of pages vis­it­ed whilst on the site was too low. When peo­ple did vis­it, they weren’t stay­ing on site for very long. 

We also looked at what mar­ket­ing chan­nels were dri­ving traf­fic, which devices peo­ple were using to access the site (mobile, tablet or desk­top), and the demo­graph­ics of our vis­i­tors. The data showed most traf­fic was com­ing from organ­ic Google search via mobile users and that our Insta­gram cam­paigns were dri­ving the most traffic. 


We looked at each key met­ric in detail and made rec­om­men­da­tions on how to improve the site. To grow site traf­fic by 3% each month and improve engage­ment, we sug­gest­ed a new site struc­ture, based on Yes To’s exist­ing tem­plate, but tak­ing the user through a more tar­get­ed journey. 

To help reduce bounce rate and keep peo­ple on the site for longer we rec­om­mend­ed chang­ing the home­page lay­out and struc­ture, improv­ing the site nav­i­ga­tion, intro­duc­ing clear CTAs on every page, and sort­ing out the over­all site speeds. 

We knew, ulti­mate­ly, the site would need rich­er and more rel­e­vant con­tent. So, we also sug­gest­ed adding new, engag­ing copy, prod­uct detail and sup­port­ing infor­ma­tion to help peo­ple find the best nat­ur­al skin­care prod­uct for their skin. To mea­sure our suc­cess after the changes had been imple­ment­ed, we also set about defin­ing some con­ver­sion metrics. 


In the first phase of refresh­ing the Yes To web­site we saw some incred­i­ble results.

  • Traf­fic to the site is up 53%
  • Bounce rate is down by 11.3%
  • Aver­age views per ses­sion have increased by 10.8%
  • Aver­age ses­sion dura­tion is up 10.3%.

We’ve seen a dra­mat­ic increase in search engine and social traf­fic over the last three months, 68% and 71% respec­tive­ly, and we’ll be look­ing at increas­ing our social pres­ence to dri­ve more qual­i­ty traf­fic to the site. Page views have also gone up by 77% and unique page views by 75%. 

The new site struc­ture has just been launched, adding improved con­tent and imagery that is more befit­ting of a lead­ing nat­ur­al skin­care brand. We will con­tin­ue to mon­i­tor this over the next few months. If these ini­tial results are any­thing to go by, we’re expect­ing great things from the next quar­ter­ly report. 

Take a look at the web­site: www​.yesto​.co​.uk

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