Creating a brand people want to work for

Don’t get us wrong, we love creating logos. We enjoy nothing more than creating versatile designs that help our clients stand out from their competitors. But a snazzy typeface isn’t what prospective employees are looking for. In a survey by Wonderful Workplaces, 94% of candidates consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job.

Take Google. Do people want to work there because of the logo? No, they buy into the brand and the back story. Google have built a brand that people want to work for. It’s more than bright colours and quirky typefaces. It’s about embodying the spirit of an organisation in every touchpoint of the business.

This is how we approach every branding project. We like to get to the heart of what our clients stand for – their mission, vision, values and what drives them – before we can even put pen to paper. So, when ostomy manufacturer, Salts Healthcare, came to us wanting a new logo, we were determined to dig a bit deeper and turned the project into a more in-depth branding exercise.

We started with the essence of their business – health and care – and worked closely with them to define their company values and what we could do to help them live their brand, from the factory floor to the boardroom.

Logo design

We simplified the logo and created a fresher, more modern look to reflect the future focus of the brand. Greens and blues were used to balance their technical and medical expertise with their commitment to comfort and skin-friendliness.

Branding awareness blog logos
Branding awareness blog branding


We wanted people to buy into Salts as a brand, rather than simply their products, so we helped them move from a house of brands to a branded house. All products are now pre­fixed with “Salts”, followed by a simple and accurate description of the product e.g. Salts Stoma Collar instead of Dermacol. They all feature the modernised logo.

Branding awareness blog packaging


We created simple templates to ensure consistency across all global communications and make it easier for Salts distributors around the world to represent the Salts brand coherently. Everyone has access to an online asset library to make things easier.

Branding awareness blog literature
Branding awareness blog ad


The Salts website now has even more information for ostomists and healthcare professionals. It features a new way to order samples and regular blog posts sharing the stories of inspirational patients.

Social and digital marketing

Salts Healthcare now has a bigger presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Our copywriters help to create ideas for email templates and generate content to complement existing marketing activity.

Internal communications

We wrote and directed a corporate video to help Salts Healthcare communicate the new brand, vision and values to all members of staff, from packers to delivery drivers, and helped them to coordinate a memorable launch event. We also created a vision and values handbook, that was given to all employees, and designed posters for display around the factory.

Branding awareness blog apollo


You can read the full case study and many more over on our work pages. Our clients create the culture and workplace they want for their staff. It’s our job to help them tell that story consistently and share their vision with the world. Do you have a brand promise? Is it being shared as clearly as you’d like? Will it help you attract the best people? If you need any help building your brand, we’d love to help.

P.S. Shout out to Michael Johnson for the ‘Branding in five and a half steps’ book, featured in this post. One of our favourite purchases for inspiration.


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