Creating a brand people want to work for

Don’t get us wrong, we love creating logos. We enjoy nothing more than creating versatile designs that help our clients stand out from their competitors. But a snazzy typeface isn’t what prospective employees are looking for. In a survey by Wonderful Workplaces, 94% of candidates consider an employer’s brand before applying for a job.

Take Google. Do peo­ple want to work there because of the logo? No, they buy into the brand and the back sto­ry. Google have built a brand that peo­ple want to work for. It’s more than bright colours and quirky type­faces. It’s about embody­ing the spir­it of an organ­i­sa­tion in every touch­point of the business. 

This is how we approach every brand­ing project. We like to get to the heart of what our clients stand for – their mis­sion, vision, val­ues and what dri­ves them – before we can even put pen to paper. So, when osto­my man­u­fac­tur­er, Salts Health­care, came to us want­i­ng a new logo, we were deter­mined to dig a bit deep­er and turned the project into a more in-depth brand­ing exercise. 

We start­ed with the essence of their busi­ness – health and care – and worked close­ly with them to define their com­pa­ny val­ues and what we could do to help them live their brand, from the fac­to­ry floor to the boardroom.

Logo design

We sim­pli­fied the logo and cre­at­ed a fresh­er, more mod­ern look to reflect the future focus of the brand. Greens and blues were used to bal­ance their tech­ni­cal and med­ical exper­tise with their com­mit­ment to com­fort and skin-friendliness.

Branding awareness blog logos
Branding awareness blog branding


We want­ed peo­ple to buy into Salts as a brand, rather than sim­ply their prod­ucts, so we helped them move from a house of brands to a brand­ed house. All prod­ucts are now pre­fixed with Salts”, fol­lowed by a sim­ple and accu­rate descrip­tion of the prod­uct e.g. Salts Stoma Col­lar instead of Der­ma­col. They all fea­ture the mod­ernised logo.

Branding awareness blog packaging


We cre­at­ed sim­ple tem­plates to ensure con­sis­ten­cy across all glob­al com­mu­ni­ca­tions and make it eas­i­er for Salts dis­trib­u­tors around the world to rep­re­sent the Salts brand coher­ent­ly. Every­one has access to an online asset library to make things easier.

Branding awareness blog literature
Branding awareness blog ad


The Salts web­site now has even more infor­ma­tion for ostomists and health­care pro­fes­sion­als. It fea­tures a new way to order sam­ples and reg­u­lar blog posts shar­ing the sto­ries of inspi­ra­tional patients.

Social and digital marketing

Salts Health­care now has a big­ger pres­ence on Twit­ter, Face­book and Insta­gram. Our copy­writ­ers help to cre­ate ideas for email tem­plates and gen­er­ate con­tent to com­ple­ment exist­ing mar­ket­ing activity.

Internal communications

We wrote and direct­ed a cor­po­rate video to help Salts Health­care com­mu­ni­cate the new brand, vision and val­ues to all mem­bers of staff, from pack­ers to deliv­ery dri­vers, and helped them to coor­di­nate a mem­o­rable launch event. We also cre­at­ed a vision and val­ues hand­book, that was giv­en to all employ­ees, and designed posters for dis­play around the factory.

Branding awareness blog apollo


You can read the full case study and many more over on our work pages. Our clients cre­ate the cul­ture and work­place they want for their staff. It’s our job to help them tell that sto­ry con­sis­tent­ly and share their vision with the world. Do you have a brand promise? Is it being shared as clear­ly as you’d like? Will it help you attract the best peo­ple? If you need any help build­ing your brand, we’d love to help. 

P.S. Shout out to Michael John­son for the Brand­ing in five and a half steps’ book, fea­tured in this post. One of our favourite pur­chas­es for inspiration.