The Foundry does…

Gin-crafting, pet portraits, snowboarding…as a team we do a whole lot more than advertising and we’re ready to share our passions!

Our great­est asset is our peo­ple. Not only are we a tal­ent­ed bunch of cre­atives, web devel­op­ers and client ser­vicers, we’re also a team of fes­ti­val fanat­ics, fell walk­ers, wildlife pho­tog­ra­phers and more! We’re keen for life here to be about more than just show­ing up for work. We care about each other’s per­son­al pas­sions and projects. Which is why we’ve launched The Foundry does… 

What’s it all about?

The Foundry does…is a chance for us to share what makes us tick with our col­leagues via chal­lenges, events, days out and fun activ­i­ties. We have a com­mit­ment to health, well-being and vital­i­ty in all areas of our lives out­side of work, as well as enjoy­ing a few guilty plea­sures! So, we thought what bet­ter way to con­nect with each oth­er and live our com­pa­ny val­ues than by shar­ing our favourite pastimes. 

Every few months, a dif­fer­ent mem­ber of our team will choose a theme close to their hearts and get oth­ers involved. It’s a chance to nur­ture the great cul­ture with­in the agency and to help peo­ple show­case their indi­vid­ual tal­ents, from hik­ing to snowboarding. 

The Foundry does…Camera Club

Camera Club Blog 1

First up, is Finance Man­ag­er, Elaine, who set a bril­liant brief based on her love of wildlife pho­tog­ra­phy. Hav­ing been a mem­ber of a pho­to­graph­ic soci­ety for the last six years she’s devel­oped a pas­sion for cap­tur­ing birds, sea crea­tures and oth­er ani­mals on camera. 

Camera Club Blog 2
Camera Club Blog 3
Camera Club Blog 4
Camera Club Blog 5

Her chal­lenge to us was to pho­to­graph let­ters and num­bers that appear in nature, objects and the envi­ron­ment with the aim of cre­at­ing our own urban typeface. 

Camera Club Blog 6
Camera Club Blog 7
Camera Club Blog 8
Camera Club Blog 9
Camera Club Blog 10
Camera Club Blog 11

Entries have now been sub­mit­ted by every­one and Elaine will be the ulti­mate judge of which shot is crowned the over­all win­ner. It’s been a real­ly fun project for the whole team to flex their cre­ative skills and explore their local area. You can see our com­plet­ed type­face below and on Insta­gram. Hope you like it! 

Camera Club Blog 12
Camera Club Blog 13
Camera Club Blog 14
Camera Club Blog 15
Camera Club Blog 16
Camera Club Blog 17
Camera Club Blog 18
Camera Club Blog 19
Camera Club Blog 20

The Foundry Does…series will be post­ed reg­u­lar­ly on our Insta­gram and LinkedIn chan­nels. So make sure you keep an eye on our feeds to see who and what will fea­ture next!