Growing brand loyalty through online learning

Dechra, and their fluids product Vetivex®, found themselves competing in an ever more price-led market. Share and revenue were heading in the wrong direction. We devised a strategy that took the argument away from price and pitched Dechra as the company that gives vets added value.

A series of vet interviews revealed a real thirst for Continuing Professional Development (CPD). However, the off-site CPD courses available were expensive and time-consuming. Our suggestion was to offer vets free online CPD on Fluid Therapy, thereby positioning Dechra as experts in this field and providing real value in an otherwise commoditised market. Being online, vets could learn in their own time and, with a questionnaire and personalised certificates, could use the course to fulfil their annual CPD requirements. Following a press and DM launch campaign, over 4,500 signed up to the course – nearly a third of all UK vets.

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The Dechra Acad­e­my was built using Dynam­icWe­b’s Enter­prise CMS. This gave us the flex­i­bil­i­ty and mod­u­lar archi­tec­ture required to deliv­er such a com­plex site. We utilised Dynam­icWe­b’s built-in lan­guage lay­er to localise the site for 10 Euro­pean languages. 

Dynam­icWe­b’s inte­gra­tion frame­work allowed us to quick­ly exchange data between our front-end appli­ca­tion and exist­ing inter­nal Dechra CRM sys­tems and to inte­grate with oth­er online solu­tions, via sin­gle sign-on. The Dechra Acad­e­my has since grown to include six CPD mod­ules, webi­na­rs from Key Opin­ion Lead­ers, archived webi­na­rs, pod­casts, invites to CPD events and down­load­able mar­ket­ing lit­er­a­ture for vet practices.

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With­in the first two years, a remark­able 7,000+ vets reg­is­tered for The Acad­e­my. This sig­nif­i­cant­ly out­strips the biggest vet por­tal, Vet​sur​geon​.org, which has 9,400 mem­bers. The Acad­e­my has also been launched in sev­er­al oth­er mar­kets, includ­ing Ger­many, France and Hol­land, strength­en­ing Dechra’s rela­tion­ships in Europe. 

The huge data­base cre­at­ed, seg­ment­ed by inter­est areas, has enabled Dechra to reg­u­lar­ly email their cus­tomers. (It wasn’t that long ago they relied on fax cam­paigns!). And the Dechra brand is now per­ceived as an intel­lec­tu­al part­ner in busi­ness, no longer just drugs in the cab­i­net. Dechra can now gen­uine­ly stand by their phi­los­o­phy: Putting you first’. If you’d like to dis­cuss what online learn­ing could bring to your busi­ness, please get in touch.

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