Foundry finds... Who wants your brand and how you can sell it (1 of 2)

When you’re trying to launch a new product it has to start with talking to your potential customers. We do this before every branding project and it throws up the nuggets we need to build relevant, targeted campaigns. Here’s a couple we found on our recent dig for the launch of a new herbal drinks’ brand.

Always know who’s buying your product, they might not be the ones who use it

This obvi­ous­ly affects the com­mu­ni­ca­tions strat­e­gy. Think of Lynx deodor­ants — teenage boys don’t buy Lynx, their Mums do (and they want them to be attrac­tive to girls).

In our research, more than half our audi­ence was female and more than a third buy for their part­ner. There’s noth­ing earth shat­ter­ing here, but the abil­i­ty to bring a nod and a wink into the comms demon­strates the brand gets its consumers.

We’re not dealing with “quick-fixers”, these people know health is earned, not bought

55% of our tar­get audi­ence exer­cise three or more times a week and only 6% nev­er exer­cise. To put that into con­text, 37% of British peo­ple nev­er exer­cise at all. 

Our con­sumers do the hard yards and know noth­ing good comes from easy. From a mar­ket­ing per­spec­tive, this means we must com­mu­ni­cate that our prod­uct enables a healthy lifestyle. That it’s here to facil­i­tate, not deliv­er it.

We used this insight to devel­op in-depth pro­files of our would-be cus­tomers and tar­get mes­sages around them, begin­ning with a brand name. That meant decid­ing on a name that was more appeal­ing to the female pur­chas­er and comms that aligned with their per­son­al­i­ty and atti­tudes. This all went into research too, with sur­pris­ing results. 

Up next, how would our prime personas shop for our product?

If you want to find out more of the fas­ci­nat­ing finds from this health and well-being research, please do get in touch. We’d love to help you uncov­er the insights that result in a suc­cess­ful prod­uct launch.

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