Crawfords Healthcare

Turning a House of Brands into a Branded House

It takes a team Turn­ing a House of Brands into a Brand­ed House

Crawford Healthcare is a leading supplier of dermatology and woundcare products. Thanks to their unique understanding of nurses, the company was growing rapidly and gaining market share. But everything about their existing branding seemed at odds with their personal, friendly approach. They asked for help developing a strategy that would capture their brand essence and pave the way for further growth by aligning to their core values.


In a bid to own’ the ter­ri­to­ries of exu­date man­age­ment and infec­tion con­trol with­in wound­care, health­care com­pa­nies often focus on attrib­ut­es, such as lab results, absorp­tion rates, mode of action and speed of kill. Whilst impor­tant to health­care pro­fes­sion­als, this isn’t always the best way to engage them.

Through our con­ver­sa­tions with nurs­es, we learned that dress­ing selec­tion was based on a mul­ti­tude of fac­tors, some­times dri­ven by cost, rather than clin­i­cal need. We saw an oppor­tu­ni­ty for Craw­ford to form clos­er part­ner­ships with nurs­es and sell to the wound in the room’ by show­ing their unique under­stand­ing of the every­day chal­lenges nurs­es face and becom­ing a trust­ed part­ner in flu­id man­age­ment and infec­tion control.


Crawford’s prod­uct port­fo­lio falls into two dis­tinct cat­e­gories. In order to help them sell prod­ucts based on the over­all path­way, rather than indi­vid­ual brands, we rec­om­mend­ed they lead on their unique tech­nolo­gies, OxySalts™ (Infec­tion Con­trol) and Exu-Safe™ (Exu­date Management).

This was the first step in help­ing Craw­ford Health­care become a brand­ed house. We then dis­sect­ed their brand val­ues, and got to the heart of what moti­vates and dif­fer­en­ti­ates them, to devel­op the inter­nal brand propo­si­tion: It takes a team to pre­vent, heal or man­age a wound and care for com­pro­mised skin.

This strat­e­gy informed the cre­ative approach that would help Craw­ford Health­care become seen as the com­pa­ny that sup­ports nurs­es at every stage of the infec­tion con­trol or exu­date man­age­ment pathway.


We had to get every­one at Craw­ford Health­care excit­ed about their new direc­tion before we could share it with health­care pro­fes­sion­als. We cre­at­ed an illus­trat­ed brand book out­lin­ing the com­pa­ny val­ues which began with an expla­na­tion of the propo­si­tion: It takes a team to heal a wound or skin condition.


The exist­ing logo­type was sub­tly refreshed and we revis­it­ed the brand guide­lines to make sure every­one involved in repli­cat­ing the Craw­ford brand could be con­sis­tent in their approach.


It was impor­tant to devel­op a brand cam­paign that real­ly res­onat­ed with nurs­es. Our pho­tog­ra­phy was shot in a fly-on-the-wall, grit­ty style to make it feel as real as pos­si­ble and fea­tures actu­al sit­u­a­tions, such as a dis­trict nurse trudg­ing through a mud­dy field to get to her next patient.

Sales Aids/​Detail Aids 

We cre­at­ed a very sim­ple and straight­for­ward tem­plate to bring all the nurse lit­er­a­ture in line with the new brand approach. Every piece now fea­tures sec­tions on how the prod­uct works, clin­i­cal evi­dence, cost analy­sis, its posi­tion on the exu­date or infec­tion con­trol path­way and order­ing information.

Social Media

To run with the press, we launched a social media cam­paign with the hash­tag #itsa­nurselife. This is designed to encour­age nurs­es to share wound­care chal­lenges with our online com­mu­ni­ty and help Craw­ford form clos­er part­ner­ships mov­ing forward.

Craw­ford Health­care achieved their ulti­mate goal, mov­ing to num­ber two in the mar­ket­place and achiev­ing buy­out by glob­al wound­care com­pa­ny, Aceli­ty, in 2018.

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