Health Shield

Launching a dynamic brand refresh and team building event

Health Shield is one of the largest health cash plan providers to the corporate market. Over four thousand businesses trust them to keep their employees healthy.

Trading on the back of a 140-year heritage, in the face of a changing landscape with a new CEO and executive team, Health Shield needed help to rebrand and remain relevant to today’s audience.

Interpret + define

Established in 1887, Health Shield was well-known in the corporate wellness arena. Cash plans were still the main part of their business but they were expanding in line with brands like Vitality and Simply Health to offer extra perks, such as 24-hour GP appointments. Having recently rebranded, they had a fresh look to go with their new product focus, but staff morale was low.

Health Shield wanted to reignite the spark with an internal engagement campaign. Using the strapline ‘Best of Health’ they asked us to help them bring staff onboard by sharing the new branding and positioning via a team building event and brand book.

Imagine + Create

We wanted to deliver something truly memorable that would position Health Shield as a business that cared about its employees’ health as much as its members. First, we needed a name for the event. After much pencil chewing REVIVE was born. It was a nice nod to health and the embodiment of bringing a brand back to life. We used Health Shield's heart graphic within the REVIVE logo and playfully mixed it with bright backgrounds and positive people shots to give the design plenty of energy.

Health Shield 2
Health Shield 3
Health Shield 4
Health Shield 5
Health Shield 6
Health Shield 7
To help communicate Health Shield’s core values we created the ‘REVIVE’ games – a healthy team building day where we could screen our launch video and get staff excited. We got to work crafting a script and brainstorming activities that could be included in the event.
Health Shield 8
Health Shield 9
Health Shield 10

Using the heart logo in place of the Olympic rings, each colour represented a zone at the event related to the brand values. Games on the day took on a less serious note, giving everyone a chance to bond, relax and have fun.

Health Shield 11
Health Shield 12
Health Shield 13

The event was a real success. It helped to cement Health Shield’s new branding and encourage staff to live the values. Following this, Health Shield asked us to create a digital brand book to share with the team. We made sure their people were firmly at its heart.

Rise + Shine

Heath Shield was already a successful business, but staff needed to be revived. Our premise was always that for a health-focused business to succeed, it needs to be healthy on the inside. We shone a light on what makes Health Shield special and helped employees to reevaluate their role in its future. Health Shield has continued to invest in new products and services which have delivered exceptional growth. They now cover and protect more than 500,000 people.