The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA)

Inspiring 200 member organisations to grow the outdoor recreation industry

What do you call a group of people united by the great outdoors? The Outdoors Industry Association (OIC). This non-profit organisation represents over 200 member organisations that provide products and services for the UK outdoor sector.

It’s made up of retailers, NGOs, NGBs and other businesses with a mission to engage, represent and promote the outdoor recreation industries and a long-term vision to get more people active outdoors. Our task was to help them inspire their members at their annual conference and AGM.

Interpret + Define

Each year, the OIA hosts a two-day event where they discuss the latest challenges facing the outdoor industry and showcase what they have planned to get more people outside. This time they wanted to create a brand video to reassure existing members of their continued support, recruit new members, and show politicians and NGO bodies what they do and why.

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Women and leadership in the outdoors, Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion’. It would reveal that outdoor participation has increased by 6.9% since the pandemic and 35,000 more girls than boys are taking part in Duke of Edinburgh this year.

With a rousing video we could show how the landscape is changing and how OIA member organisations could work together to create new opportunities for growth.

Imagine + Create

What better way to get everyone fired up about the future than with a uniting and exciting brand video. The conference would provide the ideal backdrop to launch the film and it could also be used on their website to explain more about the function of the OIA.

Our approach for projects like this is to get to grips with the brand story. By understanding why the brand exists we can better explain what it does and how it does it, as well as creating something that will be as relevant in a year’s time as it is right now. We focused on the OIA’s core aims and key messages to communicate the importance of getting more people more active.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy the reason you do it” - Simon Sinek

Rise + Shine

We worked closely with the client and commercial sports and adventure lifestyle photographer, Phil Hill, to turn their vision and mission into a compelling narrative.

Using powerful, engaging and diverse imagery, interspersed with the brand’s core messages, we brought the story to life and made it more engaging and relatable.

The film was an incredibly powerful and moving scene setter for the event which helped industry leaders share their insights into the outdoor market.

OIA image 1
OIA image 2
OIA image 3

To help our tight deadline and limited budget the client supplied a wealth of photography we could use, and we employed several editing techniques to add the motion and interest needed to captivate our audience. The brand video was really well received at the conference and given everyone a reason to believe in the OIA.

You can read more about the content of the AGM here.