Premier Pet Care Plan

Shaking things up in a stagnant petcare market

Premier Vet Group had a pet wellness plan that wasn’t as healthy as it could be. Our research revealed vets and pet owners both want the same thing: pets at their best. We brought this new direction to life with refreshed branding, photography with real personality and dynamic communications that sold the concept effortlessly to practices and their clients.

Ppcp branding
Ppcp posters

Interpret and Define

Sales of Premier Vet Group’s underperforming preventative health care plan, Pet Care Plan, had started to slow. The same promotional materials had been put under vets’ noses for several years. New business was sluggish and customer retention under threat. How could they reinvigorate the brand and capture a larger share of the market?

First, we needed to get a clear picture of the current market, Pet Care Plan’s position and its relevant strengths and weaknesses. We also collated insights into the needs of both vets and pet owners, and their attitudes to pets’ wellbeing and preventative health plans.

Ppcp cover
Ppcp brochure spread

Generally, awareness of preventative health plans was low amongst consumers, who also tend to confuse these plans with pet insurance. Whereas vets see the plans as a tool to increase customer loyalty, help generate revenues and improve the health of pets in their care.

One of the key insights of the research was that, first and foremost, vets want to be vets. They are driven by the needs of the pets in their care and are sometimes reluctant business people. Yet the need to make money is something they can’t afford to ignore.

Ppcp doggy dollar

Imagine and Create

Our proposition had to be simple — but also had to resonate. Research taught us vets and owners essentially want the same thing: to keep pets at their best. Which would form the basis of our campaign strategy.

We had to demonstrate that, by focusing on the simplicity of implementation and ongoing support, we could help vets to get on with their jobs, while still allowing them to provide the best possible care.

Competitor literature featured overused stock imagery of cats, dogs and rabbits. To differentiate, our campaign photography had to show pets in natural situations – kittens chasing balls, dogs digging down the back of sofas. Messages had to strike a chord with pet owners; to move away from price and focus on the end goal – keeping pets at their best.

Rise + Shine

As well as new branding, photography and campaign materials, we also introduced the prefix ‘Premier’ to Pet Care Plan.

This brought the brand in line with Premier Vet Alliance, the affiliated Buying Group, and helped to cement the connotation of high-quality products and service.