Salts Healthcare

Giving nurses a welcome treat at the annual ASCN conference

Our client, Salts Healthcare, is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of stoma care products. Each year they exhibit at the Association of Stoma Care Nurses UK Annual Conference, which is a unique opportunity for them to meet with Stoma Care Nurses and discuss the support Salts gives to the community.

Moreover, it’s a chance for Salts to give something back to the nurses who work so hard every day for their patients, which is why the stand also needs to be fun.

Interpret + Define

Salts’ mission is to ‘care, listen and innovate to improve lives, working together to find better solutions, seize opportunities and overcome barriers’. Our brief was to bring this to life across their ASCN stand and all other touchpoints at the event.

Earlier that year, Salts had worked on a research piece around health and well-being. While stoma formation can prolong patients’ lives it can also cause various physical, social, and psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, changes in body image and low self-esteem.

We helped Salts to develop five well-being pillars that could communicate the benefits of Salts products, in particular Confidence BE®, to people living with a stoma. As the conference was to be held in the spa-town of Harrogate it seemed perfect to style the stand as a spa retreat which could be used to communicate the five pillars and how these support patients.

Imagine + Create

As well as presenting Salts as a market-leading company we were tasked with ensuring a high level of footfall to the stand and including the fun element Salts have become famous for at ASCN. Over the course of the three-day event, we also wanted to include a variety of different types of content and activities to give nurses reasons to visit the stand multiple times across different days.

Salts ASCN Image 1
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For 2022, we planned to deliver this by creating the Salts Healthcare Wellbeing Spa. With only a 6m x 6m space to play with we had to get creative and use the area cleverly considering height, lighting and interactive features. We planned to have one well-being pillar represented at each corner of the stand and a central pillar. So that the branding was clear from all angles.

After mapping out all the elements, we got to work finessing concepts for the Salts spa uniforms, giveaway ideas, literature and refreshments.

Rise + Shine

Every aspect of the stand was designed to evoke the calming and relaxing feeling you have walking into a spa. Salts wanted the stand to be welcoming and to invite the nurses to engage with the different activities we’d created, so the large wooden structure was designed to be open and airy.

We used the different walls of the stand to engage the nurses in different ways, including a video on relaxation breathing techniques, an area to make their own essential oil relaxation scent and the (very popular!) Prosecco bar.

Salts ASCN Image 5
Salts ASCN Image 6
Salts ASCN Image 7

As well as content to entertain the nurses, we also included the necessary practical elements, such as areas to display products, to present literature and the required storage to keep the activities fully stocked. The event proved to be a huge success, impressing nurses and being labelled ‘our best yet’.