Théa Pharmaceuticals Academy

Developing an e-learning platform for a leading ophthalmology brand

Théa Pharmaceuticals Limited develops high-quality products that support ophthalmic care and eye health across the UK and Ireland. The company’s extensive range includes both prescription and non-prescription products to treat numerous conditions, from Dry Eye to Glaucoma. Théa is one of the first manufacturers of its kind to specialise in preservative-free formulations.

Interpret + Define

In recent years, due to the pandemic, changes in technology and shifts in patient demographics, the demands placed on eye healthcare professionals have changed. The General Optical Council (GOC) responded to these changes by reformatting its CPD programme with new requirements grouped into professionalism, communication, clinical practice, and leadership and accountability. All HCPs, novice to experienced, are required to achieve a certain amount of CPD points every year.

Théa has always been committed to “Driving Innovation, Education and Professionalism in Improving Eye Health”. This, therefore, seemed like the ideal opportunity to support their strategic approach by introducing a new online learning resource. By developing the Théa Academy CPD and CET training tool, the company could support the education and development of all eye health professionals and cement their brand in the minds of students at the start of their career.

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Imagine + Create

Théa’s experts had already developed webinars and content covering numerous therapy areas suitable for optometrists, ophthalmologists, pharmacists, nurses, trainees, students and support staff. The webinars covered a variety of subjects, such as preparing patients for cataract surgery and how to assess age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

While the raw content was there, Théa needed to create one central online learning resource where eye health professionals could access this content and complete their annual CPD requirements in their own time at their own pace.

We came up with a dynamic visual style and a simple technical solution, using the learning platform Moodle, to help package up their videos and course content into easily accessible modules. We devised a simple multiple choice question format and added the facility to download free certificates on completion.

Théa wanted to ensure their users would keep returning to their e-learning programme rather than their competitors’. That’s why we also added the Théa archive - an online area containing all their courses, searchable via condition, profession, category or qualification type. This meant people would be able to refresh their knowledge and restart any webinar whenever was convenient.

An ‘events’ section was also devised to signpost upcoming webinars, symposiums and workshops, as well as a library, containing relevant books, brochures and articles to support further reading.

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Rise + Shine

The Théa Academy was built as an extension of the main Théa Pharmaceuticals UK website. We created a series of launch materials to help spread the word including, emailable PDFs, promotional social media pieces, using the hashtag #NeverStopLearning, and a short video and PowerPoint presentation explaining how the modules worked. All content invited eye health professionals to sign up at to access the free content.

We have created twenty-two modules so far, which can be viewed individually or consecutively, each lasting around one hour, including reflection time. Each module is worth 1 CPD point and falls into three categories: General Optical Council (GOC), Clinical, and Managerial/Professional. The latter section is Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) approved and accredited.

The Academy has given Théa a reason to keep in contact with their audience of healthcare professionals and to provide them with access to a high level of education. Since launch, 984 new users have registered and there have been over 520 certificates issued. We’re looking forward to continually expanding the Théa Academy in line with educational and industry needs.

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