Herbal SIPS

Launching a new brand in the health and wellbeing sector

Launch­ing a new brand in the health and well­be­ing sector

As we work with brands rooted in health, well-being and vitality, a new client, Herbal Ltd, approached us with an exciting proposition. They had secured investment to develop a new range of herbal health drinks backed by the renowned herbalist, Andrew Chevalier. We were asked to help them create the brand, develop the packaging, build a communication strategy, and pinpoint the best routes to market.


77% of US adults and 64% of UK adults take a dai­ly health sup­ple­ment. With such a wide audi­ence, we want­ed to use data to seg­ment poten­tial cus­tomers and work out who was most like­ly to buy this new herbal brand. Our research revealed that more than half of our audi­ence is female and more than a third buy for their part­ner. 55% are also very active, exer­cis­ing three or more times a week. Pre­dom­i­nant­ly ABC1, our audi­ence has dis­pos­able income and is more like­ly to com­mit to sub­scrip­tions for ease and con­ve­nience. These insights helped us to devel­op pen por­traits of like­ly buy­ers and the best ways to reach them. We also con­duct­ed an in-depth analy­sis of both the UK and the US health and well­ness mar­kets to reflect their nuances in our com­mu­ni­ca­tions. A com­peti­tor audit fur­ther helped us to pin­point the brand’s dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing factors. 


Our vision is to deliv­er a health­care brand that shakes up the indus­try, pro­motes pos­i­tive health and becomes the first name on everyone’s lips. Described as non-alco­holic tinc­tures’, the eleven herbal blends use dif­fer­ent con­cen­tra­tions of herbs to either enhance per­for­mance, boost nat­ur­al func­tion, relieve unwant­ed symp­toms or improve gen­er­al well­be­ing. The range is man­u­fac­tured using a rare, hot fill­ing process, which removes the need for preser­v­a­tives, and is also veg­an, low calo­rie, low sug­ar, wheat, nut, gluten, soy and dairy-free. To ensure we were hit­ting the right notes with our tar­get audi­ence, we planned to put all poten­tial prod­uct names into testing. 

Once a name has been decid­ed, we could work on brand devel­op­ment. We felt strong­ly that herbal­ist, Andrew Cheva­lier, should be a big part of the brand sto­ry and his knowl­edge and expe­ri­ence reflect­ed in the look and feel. Final­ly, we agreed that a sub­scrip­tion mod­el would be the best sales chan­nel and that we would build a con­tent-rich ecom­merce site where cus­tomers could find out more about herbal med­i­cine and Andrew’s cre­den­tials, as well as shop­ping for products. 


We set about gen­er­at­ing dif­fer­ent orig­i­nal names that summed up the prod­uct, from sci­ence to nature and every­thing in between. These names were put into test­ing before arriv­ing at the cho­sen one. S.I.P.S. is an acronym of Seed­ed in Plant Sci­ence, which helps to con­vey what the prod­uct does and how it can be tak­en. Cru­cial­ly, it was also short and punchy, to fit on our small, glass bottles. 

Next, came the brand­ing. We want­ed our USP, Andrew Cheva­lier, to be at the heart of all com­mu­ni­ca­tion. He is an asset no oth­er herbal brand can own. We devel­oped an iden­ti­ty to reflect his life as an expe­ri­enced herbal­ist and heal­er. A mes­sage from Andrew appears on the card­board pack­ag­ing and a stamp car­ry­ing his seal of approval on each glass bot­tle along with a batch num­ber: A lifetime’s expe­ri­ence and under­stand­ing infused in a bot­tle”. All eleven herbal infu­sions were pho­tographed in lifestyle sce­nar­ios and will be used both on the ecom­merce site and on Amazon. 

Final­ly, we devel­oped the user jour­ney for the web­site and wrote all the con­tent ready for launch. It includes com­pre­hen­sive notes on every herb used in the non-alco­holic tinc­tures, writ­ten by Andrew him­self. We also com­mis­sioned hand drawn illus­tra­tions to give the web­site an organ­ic feel. You can vis­it the Herbal S.I.P.S. site at www​.herbal​sips​.com — and we’ll be devel­op­ing a range of mar­ket­ing mate­ri­als to sup­port it. 

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