Our Approach: Interpret + Define

Every marketing strategy begins with listening. We have a joined up approach to insight generation, which provides both breadth and depth of customer and market information, ensuring your research budget delivers return on investment.

We are experienced in qualitative and quantitative research; applying a mix of traditional and pioneering techniques to best serve the needs of individual projects. Our digital strategy team can also help you navigate through the clutter of ‘virtual conversations’ to find, analyse and interpret the ones that matter.

Qualitative research

In terms of gaining real depth of understanding, there’s no substitute for sitting and talking face to face (as long as you know the right questions to ask). We embrace innovative methodologies, such as co-creation or ethnography, to really get to the bottom of an audience’s motivations.

Whether it’s traditional focus groups, in-home depth interviews or ongoing customer panels, we can design tailored research projects that provide ‘actionable insights’ aligned with your business objectives.

Quantitative research

When qualitative research needs to be supplemented by breadth of understanding, we deliver quantitative studies with customers or prospects. This allows us to evaluate behaviour and attitudes across segments, or to quantitatively test hypotheses.

Our research projects are designed and delivered with intelligence and rigour, to produce reports that deliver more than just a relentless series of charts.

Internal audit & workshops

Your staff or sales force often has the biggest impact on your customers’ experience of your brand. Canvassing their views and experiences at the outset of a project can be invaluable in helping to set the strategic direction.

Equally, comparing and contrasting their perceptions with those from the customer research can help determine the needs for an internal training or engagement programme. Which can have a real impact on your customers’ relationship with your brand.

We can run independent, anonymised qualitative or quantitative studies with your staff, to help you evaluate their impact and influence.

We can also run internal workshops with key team members to help capture their individual perspectives and help engender a sense of project ownership.

Digital review & research

A digital strategy starts with a clear understanding of your customers, your market, your brand’s current online profile and evaluation of your existing digital assets.

If you already have an online presence, we can help you pinpoint who’s visiting your site and when; how they navigate it; your competitive profile; and conversion rates.

We can also listen in to social channels to get a better picture of who’s talking about you, your products and services.

Competitor research

Which brands are you competing with and how can you win share of voice?

Key phrase research

Pinpoint the key phrases and search terms your customers use to find you and use this information to optimise your website and any Google Adwords campaigns.

Customer journey mapping

Understand user experience to improve site navigation and increase conversion.

Social media performance & listening

Monitor conversations, identify changes and isolate actionable data.

Site technical review

Make sure you’re firing on all cylinders and not losing customers.